On the heels of being nominated by Jacksonville Business Journal as one of the fastest growing business in the city, A1A Solar is proud to announce that we are opening an office in Orlando within the next month.

A1A performs roughly 90% of solar photo-voltaic installs for residential homes in Jacksonville. This is because the company philosophies of placing the customer first and of providing quality work at a fair price leads to legions of happy clients who spread the word about solar, and about the level of service A1A Solar provides.

Owner Pete Wilking has been recently featured on the cover of Folio Weekly in Jacksonville, and throughout the spring was a frequent guest on the evening news during a heated battle with JEA over proposed rate changes to back-fed solar.  The company has been recognized for outstanding service by Angie’s List, was voted one of the best places to work in Jacksonville, was the Chamber of Commerce’s Green Business of the Year for 2016, and most recently was recognized as the #1 Rooftop Residential solar contractor in Florida by Solar Power Magazine, the industry’s  Mr. Wilking was selected by the Small Business Association as the veteran-owned small business person of the year for the entire state of Florida. He also serves as on the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Energy Alliance committee and continues to work hard to represent the voice of the residents of Jacksonville when it comes to energy policy and the battle with the area’s utility companies.

The company is working to bring the same expertise, integrity and service to a new and exciting market. Orlando, like some other areas of the country, actually incentivize solar with their buy-back rates, making solar virtual a no-brainer for homeowners looking at the long-term financial benefits of having a power plant installed on their rooftops.

Furthermore, the company is equipped to engage in large-scale commercial jobs for business keen on reaping the tax benefits and reduced utility bills that rooftop solar provides. In 2012 the company installed a system on Neptune Beach City Hall’s building, and the story was featured in the Times Union. The company went on to perform numerous commercial and government jobs, and recently hired a full-time commercial consultant. We expect to see even more growth in the commercial solar market as Florida residents recently voted to exempt commercial solar energy systems from ad velorum taxation, which will help to remove a barrier to going solar.

Orlando sales manager Mike Barger is optimistic about the move and opportunity that Orlando represents, and is seeking to hire sales consultants and meet homeowners interested in lowering their electric bills.

As solar becomes more prevalent in the Sunshine State, the increase in home values provided by solar is becoming a compelling reason to go solar. Rather than spend money each month on an ever growing electric bill, homeowners can instead invest in their homes, add instant equity and enjoy a reduced electric bill by going solar. Homes with systems as small as a 8 kW system are worth upwards of $30,000 more

, and they also sell four times faster than homes without solar.

If you live in Orlando, or know someone who does, we’d love to talk to you! We will show you exactly how solar works, what it will cost, and best of all, how much money you will save by going solar.