Here’s How You Can Support Solar this Election Year!

Support Solar

  Rooftop solar is a benefit to ratepayers and utilities While all eyes are on the 2016 Presidential election, the ballot on November and the primary in August will contain two amendments vital to the future of Florida. The utilities mounted a slick advertising campaign, and paid an army of canvassers around the state to […]

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JEA to vote on SolarSmart

jacksonville solar

JEA would be taking an unnecessary, premature step in the wrong direction by enacting their proposed SolarSmart policy. JEA had $1.7 BILLION in revenues last year; the bill credits for the entire net-metering program totaled less than .000075% (less than 1/10,000th of 1 percent) of that total. They are spending too much time and money […]

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Solar Wars Jacksonville

    The Battle So Far… As rooftop solar has grown in popularity throughout the JEA service area, the utility has grown increasingly adversarial to the solar industry. There is no sound reasoning behind this stance, and the arguments the utility makes to support its case are essentially smoke and mirrors. The bottom line is, […]

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What is JEA missing in its valuation of solar?

By arbitrarily valuing distributed rooftop solar at $0.075 per Kwh, JEA is overlooking the many quantifiable values that rooftop solar delivers to all ratepayers. With only 500 homes out of 427,000 JEA customers having solar on their roofs, the benefits of rooftop solar to all JEA ratepayers is just beginning to be recognized.   Distributed […]

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Jacksonville’s highest-paid utility CEO may shut down local businesses

Jacksonville’s highest-paid utility CEO may shut down local businesses   Paul McElroy is the CEO of JEA, the municipal electric utility serving Jacksonville, Florida, and receives a salary of $437,000, among other perks. According to The Florida Times-Union, this makes him the highest-paid utility authority CEO in Jacksonville, as of September 2015.   The municipal […]

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