Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters

Do you wish you could use your swimming pool all year round?

[Solar] was installed for [our] pool. In four days. our [pool] temp was up to 85 degrees and we were swimming. It is now 82 degrees and Nov 1. [Installation] was trouble free and when we had a tornado come through it stayed in place. Can’t say enough about the way it was installed and the people who did the installation. We are so pleased we used A1A Solar or our solar installer. — DI, Middleburg, Florida

In Florida, for 7-8 months of the year, the weather is warm enough to use your pool but the rest of the year it is often too cold to enjoy the pool comfortably. Solar pool heating is by far the most cost-effective way to extend your swim season (especially in early spring and late fall) and it costs nothing to operate, unlike gas heaters or heat pumps. Solar pool heaters are a low-cost way to heat your pool, ideal for pool owners to extend they time they can enjoy their pool while also being an environmentally friendly heating solution. No electricity is involved so there are no operating costs.

  • A1A Solar handles permits, communication with your HOA, and any rebate paperwork.
  • Financing available from 2.99%
  • Installation typically takes less than 1 day

A1A Solar can install the perfect solar pool heater for your needs. Customers who have installed solar pool heaters rave about how well they work and how affordable heating their swimming pool can be. If you want to extend your swim season, lower your energy costs, increase your property value and shrink your carbon footprint, a solar pool heater is a worthwhile investment. Our systems are completely automatic, so all you need to do is “set it and forget it” and enjoy the extra swim time!
How solar pool heating works:

  1. Your pool water is directed through a series of valves to your solar collectors.
  2. Water enters collectors through the bottom and rises to the top through individual tubes.
  3. As the water gradually rises, it’s heated by the sun’s natural radiant energy!
  4. The heated water returns to the pool and repeats the cycle until your pool has been warmed to your desired temperature.
A1A Solar take care of everything for you; just relax and enjoy your pool!

For an independent look at how solar pool heaters work, see the website.