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Keep enjoying your pool after the cool weather…

Interested in Solar Pool Heating?

A1A Solar does everything for you, including permits, communication with your HOA, and any rebate paperwork. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your pool!

Use the power of the sun to heat your pool.

The South is known for its warm weather year round which means a pool is a popular addition to one’s home. But even in this warm climate, there are days, weeks, even months that it is too cold to enjoy your pool.

But now there’s a way to enjoy your pool year round!

Start enjoying your pool more today!

Solar pool heaters are the low-cost way to heat your pool. They are ideal for pool owners who want to enjoy their pool more while also seeking the most environmentally friendly heating solution. There is no electricity involved so there are no operating costs. Solar pool heating is a great way to keep your pool water warm without having to pay extra each month for electric.

Solar pool heating is a specialized area of solar energy that utilizes purpose-built solar panels to absorb heat from the sun. Pool water actually flows through the solar collectors, absorbing heat along the way. These systems use your existing pool pump (in most cases) and works with virtually any existing pool equipment.

For an independent look at how solar pool heaters work, see the Energy.gov website.

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