Our home is one of the largest investments we make in our lives, and its purchase is only one aspect of the price of homeownership. Taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance are all significant costs.

And what about the electric bill? That’s a variable cost that keeps increasing. In the past, solar was not an option, but now it is. A solar system installed on a home brings long-term value, using the sunshine otherwise wasted on your roof, and turns it into useable electricity, cutting electric bills up to 90% or more. Why buy energy when sunshine is free?

  Simple Installation Process

We take the complications out of solar installation with professional installers who get the job done right the first time. Click here to learn more about our installation process.

  Increase the Value of Your Home

On average, the investment in solar panels increases the home’s resale value by about 3.5%. In most cases, the increased valuation exceeds the installation cost, providing an instant return on investment.

  Rebate and Incentive Programs

Federal, state and local governments are making it more feasible than ever for a single family home to be equipped with a solar power system. With tax credits and rebates available to homeowners, the financial burden is lifted and can be more affordable than ever. Click here to learn more about available incentive programs.

  Predictable Energy from a Renewable Resource

As the sun’s energy is very predictable, the energy harvest from a solar power system is as well, especially on an annual basis. As a solar customer you will become better versed with energy, conservation and energy production and will notice trends with solar and the seasons. The proof is the electric bill— kilowatt-hours used, less kilowatt-hours harvested. When they are equal, you reached net-zero!.


Why use A1A for your home’s solar needs?

  • We are focused on top-quality installation and service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We have extensive experience in commercial and residential systems.
  • All our employees work directly for A1A. No installations are outsourced.
  • We are ranked nationally among the top 250 solar contractors.
  • Voted AIFBY Chamber of Commerce ‘Green Business of the Year’ 2013 and 2015.
  • Voted SBDC’s 2016 Veteran-Owned Business of the Year.
  • Voted 2016 Best Places to Work in Jacksonville.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • A1A has been a state-licensed Solar Contractor since 2009.
  • We are nationally board certified on PV by NABCEP.




From a Customer

“**HIGHLY** recommend A1A. They made the entire process easy to understand. Everyone that worked on the system, from the plumber (who handled the hybrid water heater) to the electricians to the roof crew… everyone was professional, friendly, on time, kept their workspaces clean. Best “construction” project I’ve ever had at my house.”

FL Residential Electric Customer, January 2016

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