A1A Solar helps South Carolina produce wholesaler harvest sun’s energy

This array in South Carolina:

  • Includes 1650 solar panels
  • Generates a whopping 81 percent of the facility’s power needs.
  • Provides approximately 671,715 kWh/year of electricity annually.

Severt & Sons, a produce distribution company in South Carolina wanted to increase its commitment to the environment by having solar energy systems installed at their locations. To start it off, they hired Jacksonville-based A1A Solar to install the first solar energy system at one of their South Carolina-based locations.

“Installing solar panels on our warehouse shows our commitment to our environment. Our business is directly dependent on our environment and it’s important for us to maintain the highest standard of environmentally friendly business methods.”

– Mike Severt, president of Severt & Sons.

Our company experienced an increase in solar installations last year and we plan on expanding our commercial and residential installation services to the southeastern United States by 2020.

– Pete Wilking, founder and president of A1A Solar.

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Commercial solar panel systems help business owners.

  • save on utility costs
  • reduce carbon footprints
  • increase power independence
  • highlight dedication to the environment.

Keeping abreast of the growing solar industry and myriad technological advancements, A1A Solar offers custom options for solar panel systems. Are you interested in solar for your business?

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