4 differences between commercial and residential solar power

Company owners and homeowners are increasingly looking to switch to solar energy. There are four major aspects of solar energy systems that determine whether they’re commercial or residential: efficiency, size, installation, and color.

  1. Efficiency — Commercial solar power is more efficient than residential solar power by roughly 2 percent. Furthermore, commercial solar power produces more power because the panels are bigger than residential panels. However, we calculate the price of solar panels by the power they produce, making a 4kW system for a residence the same cost as a commercial system.
  2. Size — On average, commercial solar panels are larger than residential solar panels. A residential solar panel system typically has 72 cells and is 65 inches by 39 inches; whereas, a commercial solar panel system typically has 96 cells and is 78 inches by 39 inches. Residents can have commercial-sized solar panels, as long as they don’t mind the size. In fact, commercial-sized solar panels produce more power and are more efficient, so it would be wise to consider them for your home.
  3. Installation — We install both residential and commercial solar panel systems the same way, by using a bolted racking system. Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofs are usually flat, allowing for an easier installation process. However, commercial systems can take up to a month to complete, while residential solar panels generally take one or two days to install.
  4. Color — While commercial solar panel systems tend to be white, residential systems are black or white. More often than not, residential customers want black panels on black backing and commercial customers use black panels on white backing. The color you choose depends on your personal preference.

Although there are several differences between residential and commercial solar power systems, there is one thing they have in common: They both protect the environment. Whether you’re considering residential or commercial solar panel systems, contact A1A Solar to learn more and get a quote today.