SPAN Smart Panel

SPAN Panel replaces your existing electrical panel and turns any home into a smart home.Take control over every circuit, and get money saving energy usage insights, all from the SPAN Home App.

Take charge of your energy use

lightbulb icon Save on energy — SPAN intelligence automatically finds ways to lower your energy bill.

phone icon Unparalleled visibility — Manage energy costs, circuit by circuit from the SPAN Home App.

Seamless installation — Connect with category-leading storage systems and legacy hardware.

Smarter energy,
big savings
  • Energy insights for savings — SPAN Panel serves intelligent energy insights designed to help you lower your energy bill.
  • Skip expensive service upgrades — Modernize your home’s electrical system and amperage without spending thousands of dollars on a utility service upgrade.
  • Intelligent EV charging — Upload your utility rate plan, and SPAN Drive will charge your EV at the fastest rate possible, when your energy rates are cheapest.