Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 3 — More Power. More Backup. More Savings.

A1A Solar is a certified installer for the Tesla Powerwall 3.

My husband and I bought solar from A1A, with two Tesla Powerwall batteries a little over a year ago. We love our system! The process was easy. [They have] been communicative and reachable the whole time, and explained everything to us, and we had lots of questions… Our system only took two days to put in, and the guys who put the panels on the roof were very professional. We got a big tax refund from the IRS because we went solar. Couldn’t be more thrilled!

— Valerie, Fernandina Beach, Florida

There has never been a better time to reduce your dependence on the energy grid. Powerwall 3 has arrived with an improved design for better outage protection at a more affordable price. Now, one single unit can back up your entire home when an outage occurs. Plus, you can store more energy for increased bill savings.

Key features:
  • Low Cost Design— Designed and engineered to provide whole-home backup protection at a lower per-unit cost.
  • Electricity Bill Savings — Harvest more solar energy and customizable usage settings provide greater value and lower electricity bills.
  • Durable Design — Designed and engineered for reliability and durability, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.
  • Whole-Home Backup Protection — A single unit can provide whole-home backup protection during a grid outage.
  • One Integrated Ecosystem — Designed to support EV home charging needs with the ability to optimize for sustainable charging and energy savings.

A1A Solar was so professional from beginning to end. We are so happy with the results… It was a fantastic experience and we are so happy we chose to go the solar route with Tesla Powerwall.

— Lisa Williams, Jacksonville, Florida