Solar Panels

A1A Solar offers the finest in solar electric panels and installation. Photovoltaic — or PV — is a complete system of energy-producing panels and inverters that are hard-wired to your home’s electrical panel, effectively turning your roof into a power-generating plant. Grid-tied systems can send surplus electricity back to your local electric utility or charge a lithium-ion battery system, such as a Tesla PowerWall. (For more on how the technology works, see the @Solar section.

PV panels are warranted for 25 years and have a lifecycle of 30+ years. PV is advanced, mature technology that provides the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. With our real-time, online performance monitoring system for solar production, you’ll know what your system produces every day and every month, year by year.

We pride ourselves on attractive, efficient installations. Where other companies’ installs can be sloppy and quick, our conduit and wire runs are always neat and clean and in the ideal configuration.”

On a whim, I decided to go solar.… I couldn’t have chosen any better than A1A Solar!!! Their sales team, followed by finance team followed by install professionals couldn’t have done anything better, and I am very sensitive towards promises not delivered or services not provided. On time, as promised and clean, precise work! Since installation, I have had one panel not function as it should, which A1A solar detected from their remote monitoring service AND replaced without me even asking for it!!! … For seven years now I have had a trouble free, hands-off system that I forget is even there. Only when I see my electric bill each month, I am reminded by the 80% reduction in cost, that I have a 6KW system on my roof… Thanks A1A Solar!!! — David Moriconi, Fernandina Beach, Florida

Most people choose to go solar to save money. Your system will generate electricity for your home that you would have otherwise purchased from the utility at retail rates. The avoided cost of electricity is your system’s biggest financial  advantage. You will ‘self-consume’ most of the solar energy that your system produces, but not all of it. Any energy you produce that you don’t use gets sent back to the grid. Your utility will credit your bill for each kilowatt hour that you send to them,  resulting in further savings. Over time, you will have saved an amount of money that is equal to what you paid for the system. This is the point where you will get a full return on your solar investment because you’re now getting free electricity for the life of the system.

Why go solar?

  • A solar power system is an energy harvesting apparatus. Having solar means you own and operate your own power plant, instead of purchasing all your kilowatt-hours from the utility monopoly.
  • An average North Florida home sees an electric cost reduction of 70-90% with a grid-tied PV system. Applying this 30+ year avoided electric cost (a tax-free dividend) to a low-interest loan payment allows us to produce a zero net cost solution for many people. Most homeowners will see around a 7% annual return on their solar investment the first year.
  • The average solar panel investment increases home resale value by about 3.5%. In most cases, this increase exceeds solar installation cost, providing an instant return on investment. This valuation increase is also exempt from taxes in most states, including Florida.
  • To encourage adoption of solar power systems, governments provide many financial incentives, including federal tax credits, utility rebates, production credits and no state sales tax. In addition, all Florida for-profit utilities are required to provide their customers full retail value for every solar-harvested kilowatt-hour (not all states have such laws), making Florida the ideal “Sunshine State.”