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We chose wisely

I’m not one to leave reviews for things, for the most part. That said, A1A Solar merits a rave review, mostly because my neighbor went with a different company, and I can now see how lucky we were. A1A was a little bit more expensive than the other companies we got bids from. One thing that impressed us right off the bat was their sales guy, Shawn Smith. He was honest about the system production and explained the tax credit and it never felt like he was trying to SELL us. My neighbor went with another company from out of town, signed the contract without shopping local. My system was installed within two months (we got installed in late 2018). It took eight months before he got installed, and then something malfunctioned. Short story is that they still do not have a functioning system, while mine’s been up and saving me money for a year with no problems. If you’re looking for solar, choose wisely. A1A knows what they are doing.

Navy Chief
Jacksonville, Florida

Large Commercial Install

I write this letter with great admiration to you personally and your organization. Your firm was chosen by REC Solar to do the largest rooftop Solar Renewable Energy job in the Jacksonville, Florida market to date. The competition your company faced during the RFP process was very formidable. Your firm was the smallest, but since you were local we gave you a shot to compete.

During the RFP process I spoke to a successful business owner for whom you built a Solar Renewable system. During the conversation he made a comment that stayed with me. Pete makes a commitment to get something done, he will regardless of the cost to him and he will meet his obligations and be successful.

The Job you did for REC was second to none. It has been a real pleasure to be associated with you and your strong management team. Your organization brings true professionalism to the table. Your firm’s workmanship and the follow-up to detail as well as your published schedule are commendable.

I am glad to make the following statement with respect to A1A Solar. Both I and REC Solar appreciate what you and your organization has been able to accomplish for REC Solar.

William Rogove
Jacksonville, Florida

Expectations exceeded

I am a picky consumer. I can find fault in the best of companies. We searched high and low and researched all the companies in the area. In the end, we went with A1A. They were not the cheapest, but the best. We felt so comfortable with people and process. On installation day, a small army of installers came and executed like a well oiled machine. I have 55 panels and after one month, I already have credit with the local utility. As a tech guy, the ability for the various folks to answer questions impressed me. I also love the monitoring capabilities that came with the system.

Jacksonville, Florida

Very Satisfied, TOP NOTCH COMPANY!

Jim was my salesman and was one of the best salesmen I’ve ever had for anything. He was very honest and upfront about everything, he didn’t mislead me about anything and he answered all my questions even after installation. I really liked the fact that he also has solar panels installed at his house and showed me his own electric bills! Jim was very knowledgeable about everything and the A1A Solar installation crew was just as good when they came to install the panels on my house. I would recommend this company to anybody looking to purchase solar panels!

Jacksonville, Florida

Delighted with A1A Solar

My solar installation was complete in December 2017. I was beyond pleased with the entire process. Larkin Wood took the time to explain everything in great detail…From the concept, features and benefits, financial, tax implications, etc. I just received my second electric bill since installation¦ both bills were $15 ( The service fee charged by the utility company) which is what I have been told to expect. I just filed my taxes and the tax credit, supported by paperwork from A1A, Was exactly what I expected.

The installation was efficient, attractive, and timely. Every person I worked with was professional. For other reasons, I had a real estate appraisal done after the installation, and it supported the fact that the solar substantially increased the value of my home.  And I feel like I am doing my part, in some small way, to help protect the environment.

Fernandina Beach, Florida