Employee Spotlight: Bobby Sligh

Meet Bobby Sligh, our Lead Journeyman Electrician.

He is in his sixth year with A1A Solar. Bobby has 20 years of experience in electrical work and solar PV! He started his career in solar up north in Newark, DE and his manager back then was a stickler for tidy work and quality. If the work wasn’t up to his standards, he made the crew stay until it was right. Bobby values what he learned from him and applies it at every job and every day for A1A Solar’s customers. Along with installing solar PV and battery systems, Bobby also conducts site visits for more complex jobs and does cost estimating for A1A Solar. Bobby has worked on several major commercial solar PV projects for A1A Solar: Garden Produce, Key Cargo, Champion Brands, 121 Financial, Swisher International, Hi-liner Fishing Gear and Tackle, Severt & Sons, and IKEA.

Bobby has been married for 8 years, but they have been together for 16 years. No kids, however, he has a “Dorky” puppy (Dachshund Yorkie mix) named Peanut. He is a big football fan and loves sports! He played baseball all his life and is very athletic.

Moving to FL was the best decision he ever made, and he appreciates the opportunities he has had at A1A Solar. “It has been wonderful being a part of the A1A Solar team”.