Information is power. The more you know about solar, the more comfortable you will be moving forward. Check out these resources for additional information to help in your decision to go solar.

Legal Resources

Property owners’ rights to employ renewable energy technologies are protected by Florida law, which supersedes any homeowners’ association or deed restrictions.

Florida “Right to Solar” Statute
Environmental Law Institute website


Homeowner Resources

See how solar may considerably increase the value of your home.

Solar Calculator/Estimator tool
Solar Town article on increasing home value with solar

Environmental Resources

Learn how solar technology helps the environment, both your own and the world’s.

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator
Energy Star Program website
Website for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
US Green Building Council website


General Info Resources

Here’s more helpful information on today’s solar technology.

FL Solar Energy Center website
FL Solar Energy Industries Association website
American Solar Energy Society website

Confused by all the information out there?

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