8 reasons commercial solar energy is good for business

Learn the benefits of going solar

In business, you’re constantly seeking solutions. You’re solving problems for clients, employees and your organization. Did you know that rooftop solar panels on your facility could provide solutions? When considering ways to save money and operate your business more efficiently, you naturally think about factors like inventory control, business-to-debt ratios and reducing turnover. These are all issues from within. By thinking outside the box (and outside your building), you may find even bigger savings and benefits using commercial solar energy.

How can rooftop solar panels help your business?

  1. Reduce operating costs
    Let’s face it: If an initiative isn’t going to save you money, what’s the point? Many businesses realize a 15 to 25 percent savings in after-tax returns, which equals thousands of dollars a year. According to a recent study, the average commercial property owner pays approximately $2,000 a month on electricity bills. After installing rooftop solar, that figure drops to about $500 a month. This is money you can put back into growing your business. You may even get monitoring software so you can track exactly how much energy you are generating through your rooftop solar system.
  2. Ensure financial stability
    Energy costs increase practically every year. This can wreak havoc on even the most prudent budget. The sun is free, and with solar photovoltaic panels, you will no longer be at the mercy of the energy industry. Additionally, the cost of purchasing and installing rooftop solar has gone down.
  3. Decrease carbon footprint
    Today’s customers demand that businesses be environmentally responsible, and solar panels allow you to meet that requirement. Even a small rooftop solar panel system can greatly reduce your CO2 emissions. Be sure to promote your green efforts in official literature and on social media.
  4. Save during tax time
    Photovoltaic panels are typically classified as capital improvements and might be eligible for tax credits or write-offs. This further enhances your return on investment.
  5. Add value to your business
    If you ever decide to sell your business or building, rooftop solar panels make an excellent selling point. Future buyers may appreciate the fact that the installation is already taken care of and that they will reap energy savings immediately. Some states also have performance-based incentives, a way to receive payment for the electricity your system generates.
  6. Enjoy low-maintenance, long-lasting energy production
    Once installed, rooftop solar panels require little to no maintenance. An annual cleaning is all that’s necessary to keep the panels in top shape and producing energy over their 25- to 40-year life span.
  7. Foster employee pride
    Research shows that top job prospects choose companies based on what they stand for, even more than salary. Therefore, by showing that you care about the environment, employees will be more invested in your mission and more likely to remain loyal to your brand.
  8. Demonstrate social responsibility
    Customers love businesses that give back. Solar panels are a very visible way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. You’ll also be supporting the local economy, as installers will likely be local.