A1A Solar answers your questions about caring for your solar panels in Northeast Florida

dirty dusty solar panels

If you’re considering rooftop solar panels for your home or business, you probably have many questions. A1A Solar is here to help by answering some of your toughest questions and providing you with the information you need.

Question 1: Do leaves and twigs impair solar panels?

If you look at your roof right now, you might see lots of foliage, twigs and even the occasional lost ball or Frisbee. You may be wondering if this debris will hinder your rooftop solar panels.

For the best performance of your rooftop solar panels, it’s smart to trim trees and bushes periodically, which allows for maximum sunlight. This may also lessen the possibility of leaves and twigs getting stuck. Additionally, make sure the installer you choose has experience in dealing with all kinds of roofs and conditions, so they can provide advice on catching small problems before they become big headaches.

Question 2: Do I have to inspect my solar panels?

Rooftop solar panels work like a well-oiled machine to convert sunlight to energy and make your home or business more efficient. Still, it’s a complex system full of technology.

Having clean panels may help increase your energy potential. You can clear off any debris, but for material you can’t get to or anything more serious, it’s probably best to contact your rooftop solar panel company. Experts recommend that you clean your rooftop solar panels once or twice a year. Before purchasing your solar panels, check the contract to find out about any regularly scheduled maintenance provided and available warranties.

Question 3: Does the weather in my area affect the cleanliness of rooftop solar panels?

Dust, pollen, debris and animals can impact your rooftop solar panels. In most cases, since the panels are typically installed at an angle, the next rain should be sufficient to wash much of it away. However, if your area experiences heavy winds or very little rain, you might have to clean your panels more often. It’s wise to monitor your system’s output to discover any difference in performance before and after you have the panels cleaned.

Question 4: Do I have to go on the roof and clean the panels myself?
For most people, rooftop solar panels are basically self-cleaning. Regular rainfall should be enough to keep the solar panels clean. What Mother Nature doesn’t handle, trust A1A Solar to help.

We provide services to clean solar panel arrays and inspect battery systems. When you choose A1A Solar for your rooftop solar panel system, we are with you every step of the way, from drafting the plans for your unique home or business to inspection and evaluation.