What happens once I have a solar PV system in my residential home?

So, you’ve finally installed that solar panel in your home, and you’re wondering, what now? After installation, you’ll notice a few changes in your household. Here’s what to look for:

Meter change

After your solar panel installation, it’s imperative that you replace your meter. Without a new meter, you won’t be able to connect your solar panel to the grid. A1A Solar contacts your energy provider and ensures that you receive a new meter.


According to a study by University of California, San Diego, solar panels help cool your home. Results showed that during the day, rooms with solar panels on the roofs above them were 5 F cooler than rooms without solar panels. Your solar panels will also help you stay warm in the winter. At night, the panels hold heat acquired throughout the day. This helps reduce heating costs in cold temperatures and keeps your house warm and cozy.

Home value

A Berkeley Lab research team found that people are willing to pay more for homes that have solar panels. The study showed that homes with solar PV systems received a premium of up to $15,000 over homes without.


Some homeowners worry that solar panels will be noisy. The inverter from the panel will produce a buzzing noise, however, it’s not usually any louder than an air conditioning unit. If the inverter is near a bedroom window, keep in mind that solar panels work during the day. This means the inverter switches off at night, leaving you to sleep in peace.


One of the best parts about your new solar panel is that you are producing your own energy. Your home will use the electricity that your solar panel produces and any unused energy goes back to your grid. This is where feed-in tariffs come into play. The government began feed-in tariffs with the intention of encouraging people to produce renewable energy.

Feed-in tariffs aside, you still stand to make a profit with your new installation. According to Forbes, the average person saves $84 a month on electricity bills.

Your home’s carbon footprint

One of the biggest changes after the installation of your solar panel system is your home’s carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint will decrease by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. This is equivalent to planting 88 trees per year.

There are many advantages to installing a solar system in your home. Contact A1A Solar to see if you qualify for a no-money-down solar PV system and read our blog for more information on how solar panels will save you money.

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