A1A Solar helps Champion Brands GO GREEN and save $763,000 in utility costs

Champion Brands and A1A Solar

Champion Brands commissioned a large-scale custom solar photovoltaic system from A1A Solar that will save it $763,000 in utility costs over the system’s lifetime.

Champion Brands and A1A Solar
Jacksonville businessmen Earl Benton and Pete Wilking in front of Champion Brand’s solar array.

A1A Solar Contracting, with local offices at 10418 New Berlin Road, installed the solar panel system at Champion Brands’ headquarters facilities. Champion Brands is a premier beverage distributor serving Florida and Georgia customers and suppliers. This is one of its most recent among many environmentally friendly initiatives and investments.

The custom-made solar photovoltaic system includes 340 USA-made modules, which can produce a total of 115.8 kW, mounted onto the roof of the headquarters building. By contrast, the average solar-powered home has about 20 panels. Each of Champion Brands’ 340 solar panels have SolarEdge Inverters with Power Optimizers that increase energy output by tracking the maximum power point and reporting real-time performance.

“Practicing sustainability is one of our core values, and adding a solar panel system to our headquarters is one way to do it,” said Champion Brands CEO Earl Benton. “By reducing our carbon footprint and even our overall corporate utility cost, we can better serve our customers and give back to the communities in which we have facilities. This is something we’re looking at for our other locations as well.”

There will be an invitation-only ribbon cutting ceremony on May 30 to officially “flip the switch” at Champion Brands headquarters at 5571 Florida Mining Blvd. S. in Jacksonville.

By going solar, Champion Brands offsets its energy usage by 169,081 kilowatt-hours per year. To put that in perspective, the company has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions equivalent by 13,371 gallons of gasoline consumed per year. The environmental impact estimates are the equivalent of switching from 4,212 incandescent lights to LED bulbs.

“If 100 additional companies in greater Jacksonville area followed suit, we could reduce the ecological footprint of Jacksonville by 1,260 tons of CO2 emissions per year,” said Pete Wilking, president and founder of A1A Solar. “Champion Brands enlisted A1A Solar to assist in its corporate green initiatives and positively impact our community.”

Commercial solar panel systems help business owners save on utility costs, reduce their carbon footprints, increase power independence and highlight their dedication to the environment. Keeping abreast of the growing solar industry and myriad technological advancements, A1A Solar offers custom options for solar panel systems.