Commercial Solar System

Power plant using renewable solar energy with sun

Getting a commercial solar system set up in Northeast Florida

6 steps to ensure your company’s solar system installation is a success

Your company is ready to go solar. That’s great! However, you might feel overwhelmed by what to do to get started. Read on to learn how to get a solar energy system installed for your company.

1. Make sure your company owns the property. This step is essential. You won’t be able to add a solar energy system if you don’t own the property.

2. Select a solar energy company. Ensure the company you choose is certified and licensed, so you receive a quality installation.

3. Meet with representatives from the company. The solar system contractor will set a meeting to evaluate your company’s property and find the best spot to install the solar energy system. Then, the company will work with you to develop a plan for your system.

4. Dealing with bureaucracy. After the plan is complete, the solar energy company will contact your electricity provider to seek approval. Your solar energy system essentially adds to existing systems on the grid, so the electricity provider needs to be aware of how your plan works. Be prepared to alter your plan to suit the electricity provider’s requirements.

Your solar system contractor will also contact your local government representatives to get the required permits and inspections.

5. Begin the process. Once your electricity provider approves the plan, your solar energy company will begin implementing your system. It usually takes a few months to get your solar energy system online, so make sure you’re allocating enough time for this step.

6. Another inspection. Once the process is complete, the local government will send another inspector to make sure the system is up to code and meets plan specifications.

Getting your company set up with a solar energy system isn’t hard. Your solar energy company will handle most of the heavy work, including dealing with bureaucracy. The only truly difficult part is having to wait for your system to be complete so you can enjoy it. Once it’s done, your company will reap the benefits.