Solar panels vs. solar water heaters

What is the difference between solar panels and solar water heaters?

While most people know what solar panels look like, they might not know their exact purpose. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. This process happens when panels absorb photons, which creates an electric current. When photons hit the crystalline photovoltaic cells, it generates DC energy. Below is a diagram that shows how the panels absorb sunlight and how it becomes energy. DC and AC conversions meet the power needs of a home or company, creating a seamless connection between solar and utility. Net-zero is when the total amount of energy a building uses is roughly the same as the amount of energy its solar system creates. Being net-zero can help to reduce your energy bill up to 90%. Solar water heaters use a different process to create energy. Solar panels heat water that then flows to a tank that stores it until you use it. In order to keep your solar water heater clean, you must flush it once a year. The difference between solar panels and solar water heaters is simply the purpose of each. Solar panels create electricity and solar water heaters use the sun to heat up water, which is then pumped into your home.