Why Go Solar?

Create Your Own Power Plant

A solar power system is not an energy saving appliance, but an energy harvesting apparatus. Having solar means you own and operate your own power plant, instead of purchasing all your kilowatt-hours from the utility monopoly.

A solar installation is best complemented with a high-efficiency building, as fewer panels will be required to achieve net-zero, reducing array size and total investment.

Reduce Energy Costs

An average North Florida home sees an electric cost reduction of 70-90% with a grid-tied PV system. Applying this 30+ year avoided electric cost (a tax-free dividend) to a low-interest loan payment allows us to produce a zero net cost solution for many people.

Because solar allows customers to monetize sunshine, it behaves like an annuity, a one-time financial investment that receives an expected dividend for a set term. Most homeowners will see around a 7% annual return on their solar investment the first year. For qualified customers, a 3% interest loan can be made, so a tax-free 4% return is quite possible. Electric rates typically rise about 3.5% per year, and so this net return increases with each rate hike.

Increase Your Home’s Value

The average solar panel investment increases home resale value by about 3.5%. In most cases, this increase exceeds solar installation cost, providing an instant return on investment. This valuation increase is also exempt from taxes in most states, including Florida.

Read more about the solar-based home valuation increases in the study here.

Government Incentives

To encourage adoption of solar power systems, governments provide many financial incentives, including federal tax credits, utility rebates, production credits and no state sales tax. In addition, all Florida for-profit utilities are required to provide their customers full retail value for every solar-harvested kilowatt-hour (not all states have such laws), making Florida the ideal “Sunshine State.”

Check here to find all available solar incentives.

“Everything went well. My meter is going backwards!” — FL Electric Customer

More Reasons to Go Solar

  1. Harvesting sunshine is more cost-effective than paying the monopoly electric utility company for energy.
  2. Solar uses US domestic energy (sunshine) that reduces the need for oil from unfriendly countries overseas.
  3. A1A Solar uses solar equipment from proven US based companies.
  4. A1A Solar is a US company staffed with the finest US solar professionals.
  5. Today’s solar power equipment is advanced, mature technology providing the highest levels of efficiency and reliability expected by A1A Solar customers.
  6. Solar power panels are typically warranted for 25 years and have a lifecycle of 30+ years.
  7. Using solar energy is a fast-growing part of the solution to meet our world’s future energy needs without using fossil fuels and significantly reducing many forms pollution.
  8. With real-time, online system performance monitoring of solar production, you know what your system produces every day and every month, year by year.
  9. The path to solar ownership is simple with no-money-down financing (with approved credit).
  10. It’s fun to watch your meter spin backwards!