Keep your power on during an outage with a solar battery

A solar battery ensures your solar energy system still works during outages

Anyone who has lived in Northeast Florida knows that bad weather conditions are common during the summer months. These conditions can take down your solar energy system. Don’t fret, though, because there’s a way to ensure that your power will still work during such conditions. Install a solar battery.

With a solar battery, you can be certain that your home or business will have power during an outage. Solar batteries look a bit like air conditioning units. Most solar companies install them in shaded areas, such as a garage or near a wall that isn’t facing the sun. They’re hooked up to your solar energy system so that your home or business will stay powered when the solar energy system goes offline.

Once you have your solar battery, all you need to do is fuel it up with natural gas or propane. If the power goes out, the solar battery will keep your solar energy system fueled while your power company works to restore your power. You can also adjust its settings so that the system powers everything that is connected to your solar energy system, or just the essentials, in case you need to conserve the battery’s fuel.

A solar battery is also a great choice because it saves you some money – if your energy company uses time-of-use charging. If you’re using net metering, a solar battery will produce little to no savings on your energy bill.