Solar Benefits for Businesses

Improving your business’s bottom line is a priority. This can be done by increasing revenue or reducing expenses or preferably both. Investing in a solar power system has both immediate and long-term value propositions for owner’s of commercial properties that are profitable and subject to income taxes. Here are a few reasons why businesses are turning to solar to manage their energy costs.

Making Financial Sense
As each customer’s situation is slightly different, we use multiple financial analysis tools to analyze the financial viability of your project. We provide this initial analysis to provide your business with a completely informed decision.[

Tax Credits Available
The federal government offers a 30% tax credit (with no limit) until December 31, 2019, along with accelerated depreciation. Utilities, local financial institutions and municipal governments have also begun to offer various incentives that make owning a solar power system more cost effective than ever. Click here to learn more about solar incentives for business.

Decrease Your Energy Bills
With energy costs a part of an annual budget that increases over 3% per year, going solar means turning a significant expense into a long term business asset. A typical commercial customer achieves complete payback after only 6-7 years. If financed, this can result in immediate positive cash flow, due to tax credits and accelerated depreciation.

So with a system life cycle of 30 years to harvest free sunshine, how much is 23 years of nearly eliminated electrics costs worth? It’s worth much, much more than the one-time investment in the solar panels, and it is better to invest in a solar array once than a monthly electric bill, which is simply a sunk cost that with a 0% return-on-investment.

Company Commitment to the Environment
Solar power systems emit no pollution into the atmosphere. This is another way to show your company is committed to the future by preserving it for our future generations. Let your customers know that you’re forward thinking (besides being a shrewd business person).

Predictable Energy from a Renewable Resource
As the sun’s energy is very predictable, the energy harvest from a solar power system is as well, especially on an annual basis. As a solar customer, you will become better versed with energy, conservation and energy production and will notice trends with solar production and the seasons. The proof is the electric bill— kilowatt-hours used less kilowatt-hours harvested, and when they are equal, you’ve reached net-zero!

A1A Solar has extensive commercial experience, including these prominent Florida businesses:

Science First of Yulee, FL
  • 32.2 kW PV system, 140 panels
  • 50% energy offset, 50% of this facility’s annual energy consumption is provided by the sun.
  • Eliminates 55,477 lbs of CO2 pollution each year
  • Equivalent to planting 4.29 acres of trees each year
  • Reduces pollution equivalent of 66,572 miles of auto driving each year

BP Gas in Jacksonville, FL
  • 59.28 kW PV system, 247 panels
  • Installed in November 2013, 293 MWh produced to date (4/2017)

Champion Brands of Jacksonville, FL

  • 115.8 kW PV system, 340 panels
  • Energy offset of 169,081 kWh/yr. 20% of this facility’s annual consumption is provided by the sun.

“We’ve been very pleased with the installation by A1A Solar. Peter Wilking and his entire crew were professional and easy to work with. They coordinated with the outside electrical contractor, and the performance of the end product continues to meet our expectations. The entire project was completed on time and on budget.

After our system was up and running, we received a call from Peter, who’d been monitoring our system’s performance and had noted a drop off in power produced. (We had not noticed this.) They came out and identified a failure of one of the panels, which they quickly replaced at no charge. They also followed up to show us how to wash our panels to prevent pollen and dirt from reducing system efficiency. A1A Solar has done a great job prior to, during, and after the installation.” — Bob Lustenader, owner Lake Industries, Inc.