Tesla Powerwall+

Did you or a loved one experience a power outage during Hurricane Ian? With A1A Solar battery backup systems, you can be assured that you will have power when the grid goes down. A1A Solar has a range of solar battery backup systems to choose from, Tesla Powerwall+ being our most recommended.

What is Telsa Powerwall+

Tesla Powerwall+ is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so your power stays on when the grid goes down. Equipped with a Gateway management system and a built-in inverter, Tesla Powerwall+ allows you to monitor your solar energy in real time.

Why Choose Powerwall+

The Tesla Powerwall+ offers the highest standard of residential solar batteries available on the market. With easy installation and minimalist construction, Powerwall+ complements an assortment of home architecture and solar systems. With a compact design, Powerwall+ allows for versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

A1A Solar is an Official Distributor

We are an official distributor of Tesla Powerwall+. With Tesla Powerwall+ you can rest easy that your home will have power. A1A Solar is available to answer any questions on Tesla Powerwall+ plus installation or pricing.