Buying or selling a solar home in Jacksonville

A1A Solar shares what you should consider when buying or selling a home with solar panels

Buying a home in northeast Florida that already has solar panels installed means you get to enjoy the benefits of solar and skip the purchasing and installation processes. When you’re selling a home with solar, it’s important that you receive the most value for your solar. Here are some things to consider when buying or selling a home with a solar panel system.


  • Buying a home with solar panels immediately saves you money on your new home’s electric bill. Your system absorbs clean, pure energy from the sun, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that harm the environment. 
  • Ask about the life cycle of the system, or when it was installed. Solar power panels are typically warranted for 25 years and have a life cycle of 30+ years.
  • Determine the size of the system and learn how much energy the system typically generates. Ask the seller to share past energy bills and find out the number of kilowatts the system produces. 
  • Find out if the utility company offers net metering. Net metering is a policy that allows you to sell excess electricity that your solar panel system produces back to the grid to service others. This helps you determine how much you will save on your monthly electricity bill.
  • Ask who manufactured the panels. If a US corporation manufactured them, you’re covered by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which requires manufacturers and sellers of products to provide consumers with clear and detailed information about warranty coverage.


  • Your first step is to find a realtor who has experience with sustainable homes. The National Association or Realtors has created a green designation and benefits program tailored for real estate agents. You can find information and search for a designated green realtor on the NAR’s website. 
  • Request a real estate appraiser who is properly trained in evaluating the impact of solar and ask about adding a green energy addendum to your appraisal.
  • Check out the Guide to Valuing Residential Solar Energy Systems, provided by the Solar Energy Industry’s Association for additional resources and information.

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