Pollen and solar panels

Does pollen affect my solar panels in Northeast Florida?

In the south, we often joke that it doesn’t snow outside – it pollens. During spring, we’re frequently asked, “How does pollen affect my solar panel efficiency?”

In the public Solar Discussion Group on Facebook, Grant asks how to clean pollen off the solar panels on his home in Lakeside, Florida.

Dirty solar panels do mean power loss. Dirt, pollen and debris reduce the solar panels’ ability to perform at full capacity. If the panels are dirty, they absorb less sunlight and generate less electricity. How much electricity you lose depends on how dirty your solar panels are. Often, homeowners see a reduction in energy of about 25 percent. Some reports bring the number as high as 30 percent for homeowners who never clean their systems.

In most cases, since the panels are typically installed at an angle, the next rain should be sufficient to wash most of the pollen away. However, if your area is experiencing very little rain, you might need to clean your panels more often.