A1A Solar Volunteers at ReThreaded

The team at A1A Solar volunteering at ReThreaded to deconstruct Southwest leather airline seats.

A few members of A1A Solar’s team participated in a fantastic volunteer event at ReThreaded in Jacksonville coordinated by CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Jacksonville. ReThreaded educated us on Human Trafficking and the service Rethreaded provides in our community, along with a tour of their wonderful facility. Our contribution was to deconstruct leather seats that were donated by Southwest Airlines so the leather can be repurposed into products made by the women at Rethreaded and sold in their campus store. The women who make the products are all victims of human trafficking and ReThreaded is helping them get their lives back.

We all found it cathartic and gratifying to disassemble the leather seats while we chatted with one another. If you are not familiar with ReThreaded, we encourage you to stop by and learn about this amazing organization that is helping people make a positive change in their lives.

The leather is then repurposed into purses, cases and more.

Seasonal Solar Production Swings – What to Expect

Here at A1A Solar, we are on a mission to advance the transition of our community to clean energy Independence. Since we’re in Fall a lot of our customers are having reduced solar performance. You can rest assured as performance is measured on an annual basis, so expect seasonal swings with your solar array in terms of Harvest. Click the following video to learn more about how seasonal swings affect your solar harvest.

Tesla Powerwall+

Did you or a loved one experience a power outage during Hurricane Ian? With A1A Solar battery backup systems, you can be assured that you will have power when the grid goes down. A1A Solar has a range of solar battery backup systems to choose from, Tesla Powerwall+ being our most recommended.

What is Telsa Powerwall+

Tesla Powerwall+ is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so your power stays on when the grid goes down. Equipped with a Gateway management system and a built-in inverter, Tesla Powerwall+ allows you to monitor your solar energy in real time.

Why Choose Powerwall+

The Tesla Powerwall+ offers the highest standard of residential solar batteries available on the market. With easy installation and minimalist construction, Powerwall+ complements an assortment of home architecture and solar systems. With a compact design, Powerwall+ allows for versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

A1A Solar is an Official Distributor

We are an official distributor of Tesla Powerwall+. With Tesla Powerwall+ you can rest easy that your home will have power. A1A Solar is available to answer any questions on Tesla Powerwall+ plus installation or pricing.

Changes to Solar Incentives

Don’t wait too long…

Many Florida utilities still provide true net-metering, although there is strong pressure from utility companies from every direction to end net-metering. So, if you have true net-metering (i.e., FPL and FPUC) do not expect this to last forever.

As of August 16, 2022 when The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law the IRS federal tax credit was increased to 30% for 2022-2032 for residential and commercial solar PV and solar PV plus energy storage (batteries).  For stand-alone battery projects installed in 2022 the IRS federal tax credit remains at 26%, then in 2023 it increases to 30% through 2032.  Then it will step down to 26% in 2033 and 22% in 2034.

With this increase to the IRS federal tax credit for the next 10 years, now is a great time to go solar or add more solar panels or batteries to your existing system!

Solar Haven Community

Solar Haven Community Development
We are pleased to announce that A1A Solar has partnered with a development company that is moving forward with a 900-home project with commercial and retail features in North Florida. This development will have highly efficient and sustainable houses and take advantage of renewable energy, energy management, along with being EV friendly as well as water conservation technologies. This is intended to be a net-positive energy community, exporting a surplus of green electricity within its region on an annual basis.

Solar Haven Community Investment Opportunity
Funding for this project will be by sustainability-focused investors. The first funding offering is now available to the public with as little as $100 for share ownership. This first round of funding is to purchase and secure approximately 1,300 acres in Bunnell, FL. The land will collateralize the shares purchased in this funding round. If you wish to be an investor and even perhaps a future resident of this community, please go to https://wefunder.com/solarhavencommunity/buzz for more information.

Electric Vehicles

We have some good news to share!

Electric Vehicle sales have been growing strongly and now with many lower priced EVs on the market, driving on electrons is just about mainstream. The economics now surpass conventional fuel vehicles and require very little maintenance.

A1A Solar is currently focused on the residential and small commercial solar market. For residential customers we are offering the Tesla products, including our best-selling Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home energy storage system. We also offer the Enphase suite of products including the Enphase IQ Battery system.

A1A Solar is phasing out our fossil fuel vehicles with the new Ford all electric e-Transit 3500 Vans that will be charged by the solar PV system at our headquarters. 100% of our office/warehouse consumption and about 30% of our vehicle miles will be fueled by domestic American sunshine harvested on our roof. This has been a dream and expectation of mine since A1A Solar was formed in 2010 and we are here now! The way I see it, since EVs are normally charged at the home, solar panels and EVs go together like peanut butter and jelly!

The great news is the latest generation solar with storage systems have the sophistication and reliability only dreamed of in previous generations with pricing that is surprisingly low given the capability. Many of our customers want the security of longer-term grid-down capability without the limitations, noise, and inconvenience of a typical generator. If you have not explored the newest battery-based systems, you will certainly be impressed.

Solar Incentives

Solar panel against blue sky
Solar panel against blue sky
Solar panel against blue sky

Many Florida utilities still provide true net-metering, although there is strong pressure from utility companies from every direction to end net-metering. So, if you have true net-metering (i.e., FPL and FPUC) do not expect this to last too much longer.

The IRS federal tax credit is scheduled to drop from 26% to 22% January 1, 2023, and then expire in 2024 for residential solar.

The bottom line is that if you wish to go solar or add more solar panels or batteries to your existing system, right now the incentive is the highest it will likely ever be.

Will Solar Damage My Roof?

Some of our customers have asked: “Can installing solar panels damage my roof?” The answer to that question is “For most homeowners, as long as your solar panels are properly installed, they shouldn’t do damage to the exterior or the infrastructure of your  roof.”

A1A Solar understands this and that is why before we sell a solar contract, we look at the condition of the roof and determine two things 1) whether your roof is in sufficient condition to support solar panels and 2) the best location for installing the panels.As a result, as a potential customer, you can feel confident that A1A Solar has the experience and technical knowledge to install your panels without damaging your roof. 

But that is not all. A1A Solar wants to be sure that its customers are fully protected and that is why A1A Solar is a SolarInsure authorized dealer which means that all the panel we install are protected by the SolarInsure Warranty, the best protection available.

So what is SolarInsure?

SolarInsure is a company with a passion for renewable energies which can transform the world by slowing down climate change and fostering energy independence. Their mission has been to protect consumer investment in solar and accelerate the transition of the world’s population to renewable energies. A1A Solar is proud to off the SolarInsure Warranty to its customers

What is Solar Insure Warranty cover?

SolarInsure offers comprehensive warranty coverage for your solar products which includes remote monitoring, the solar panels themselves and inverters (back up battery systems). They also cover roof penetrations such as the case where the installation is faulty and a leak is attributed to your solar installs attachment or flashing to the roof.

In addition to parts, SolarInsure also covers labor. Plus, the SolarInsure Warranty transfers from homeowner to homeowner, should you decide to move. Lastly, there are zero deductibles to homeowners for covered warranty claims. The warranty is a one-time payment included with your solar installation, eliminating the risk of hidden fees.

Welcome to peace of mind… 

Many solar companies in the market offer warranty plans that limit the coverage which can leave homeowners in the lurch if issues arrive, but with A1A Solar partnered with SolarInsure we can give you the peace of mind to protect your long-term investment. 

So next time someone warns that if you’re “going solar” could damage your roof, tell them you aren’t worried because you are contracting with A1A Solar, an authorized SolarInsure dealer.

Nocatee Farmers Market

A1A Solar will be participating in the June 17th Farmers Market in Nocatee, Ponte Vedra. See details below and stop by!

Come See Us at the Jacksonville Home Show!

Visit us at booth #310 at the show.

Looking forward to seeing you!