Solar panel resources in Florida

A1A Solar provides resources for solar PV systems in the Sunshine State

Hearing about the benefits of rooftop solar panels – how they help the environment and reduce electric bills – may leave you wanting more information to see if solar panels are right for you. It’s important to find reliable resources so you can make an informed decision.

Solar panels are legal in Florida

The first question you might have when researching solar panels is whether they’re a feasible option where you live. Florida law protects property owners’ rights to employ renewable energy technologies. This law supersedes any homeowners association or deed restrictions.

According to the Florida Solar Rights Act, a homeowners association can require approval of a system installation and establish installation restrictions. The Florida Solar Rights Act also protects your rights – an association cannot prevent your solar panel installation. The restrictions have to be reasonable, applied in the same manner for all association members and must not harm the performance or inflate the cost of a solar system. A1A Solar has worked with many homeowners associations and we know what to expect.

Florida solar resources

  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services offers helpful facts on state government energy programs, projects, policies and energy-saving techniques.  
  • Office of Energy examines energy-related studies and stakeholder input to build a base for energy program recommendations to the governor and Florida Legislature in order to improve Florida’s energy portfolio.
  • EnergySage Solar Data Explorer provides real price data from solar quotes to help you evaluate the costs and benefits of solar system installation in the state.
  • Florida Energy Systems Consortium researches and develops innovative energy systems that create alternative energy strategies, better energy efficiency and higher economic development.

Consulting with solar professionals

Next, you’ll want to know the specifics of solar panels, such as the pros and cons, the cost and the installation process. Determining whether a solar system falls within your price range or budget is a crucial step. While there are special financing programs and incentives in place, there are many contributing factors that dictate the cost of solar panels and if they’re right for you. Therefore, your first order of business should be reaching out to a trusted solar contractor to discuss your options.

Solar professionals offer an assessment of your home or business as well as review your energy consumption. Their goal is to meet you and learn your wants and needs, then create a system that is to your liking and benefit. They will also provide financing options and help with loan preapprovals.