We installed Florida’s largest rooftop solar array, right here in Jacksonville!

The largest rooftop array in Florida:

  • Includes 5,472 solar panels
  • Boasts a 1.89 MW system
  • Accounts for 50 percent of the building’s power consumption
  • Provides approximately 2,753,070 kWh of electricity annually
  • Equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2,133 tons yearly

A1A Solar Contracting took part in a highly competitive bid process for the retail store which is located on Jacksonville’s south side. REC Solar will design the system and has selected A1A to install it after multiple interviews and a thorough vetting process. The project was completed in October 2017 on schedule and under budget.

“After the installation of 340 solar panels on the Champion Brands roof in May 2017, we were a perfect fit for performing this installation”

“REC Solar made a smart choice in selecting A1A Solar as the installer for this project ”

– Pete Wilking, founder and president of A1A Solar.

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Commercial solar panel systems help business owners.

  • save on utility costs
  • reduce carbon footprints
  • increase power independence
  • highlight dedication to the environment.

Keeping abreast of the growing solar industry and myriad technological advancements, A1A Solar offers custom options for solar panel systems. Are you interested in solar for your business?

Call A1A SOLAR – Florida’s No. 1 residential rooftop solar contractor – to take your first step toward energy independence today!

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