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The sonnenBatterie can keep your power running during a power outage.

Weather any storm outage with a reliable battery solution

Did you know that your solar panel and wind-powered systems won’t work if the power goes out during rough weather conditions? That is, unless you have a backup battery. A solar photovoltaic (PV) system plus a lithium-ion battery backup bank plus an optional generator gives your family off-grid security when accidents, blackouts and natural disasters …

Solar City’s Florida expansion not surprising, likely calculated after Amendment 1

This morning, the AP reported that Solar City, the nation’s largest solar installer will open a Florida facility. Orlando‘s and Jacksonville‘s A1A Solar – Florida’s largest rooftop residential solar panel installer – isn’t surprised: “I’m glad there’s reputable competition coming to the Sunshine State. We’re not surprised at all that they watched Amendment 1 and …

tesla solar roof

What do we want? SOLAR ROOFS! When do we want them? NOW!

Last month, Tesla shareholders approved the two-billion dollar acquisition of Solar City, the nation’s largest player in the solar industry. Solar City will now operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tesla. Following this acquisition, visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk rolled out two tantalizing surprises: Solar roofs, and the new Powerwall 2.0. What does this mean for …

Proposed JEA solar changes increase costs and threaten local jobs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (March 2, 2016) – JEA announced plans to generate its own solar power and charge its customers a premium for it. Meanwhile, the utility also intends to alter its net-metering policies, lowering consumers’ return on investment for rooftop solar. JEA’s SolarSmart program, which modifies the utility’s current policy, implements changes at the expense …

no on 1

Vote NO on 1 in November!

Don’t be mislead this election year! Follow the money, Amendment 1 was written by and paid for by the for profit, Big Energy utility companies and fossil fuel backers like Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light, and the Koch brothers. VOTE NO ON 1