Solar as an investment

Why investing in solar panels can get you free electricity and more

rooftop solar panels

What’s one of the biggest reasons people make the switch to solar-powered energy? To save money, of course! Having a residential or commercial solar energy system allows you to avoid nearly every added cost and fee that utility companies require.

On average, FPL customers pay $211 every month to power their homes and businesses. Electric bills include hidden or added fees like storm charges, franchise charges, utility taxes, and discretionary sales taxes. These fees pile up month by month and can be frustrating for families or businesses on a budget.

Choosing to go solar is a smart investment that will save you both money and energy. Once you install a system, you’ll immediately see a decrease in your electric bill. According to SolarReviews, solar power users see an average of a $24 decrease in their monthly electric bills after installing solar panels.

While you’ll consume most of the energy that the panels produce, your system absorbs any unused energy and sends it back to the grid. You’ll receive credit for every excess kilowatt hour on your FPL bill through its buyback program, saving you even more money!

The system eventually pays for itself over time, and then you’re producing your own power at little to no cost for the entire lifetime of the system.

If you’re still not sure if solar is right for you, here are more reasons going solar is an investment to consider for your home and business.